Fenrir CoreXY update!

Hi all! 

This month most of my time has gone to working on Fenrir.

I got the components I needed from LDO and I’ve been focusing on tweaking the design to the specific components, printing prototype parts, and editing as needed to make things easier to print, more rigid, tweaking etc. 

I’ve also made a fan bracket with ducts to the Nema14 A and B motors, to avoid any heat issues that might arise, this fan bracket actually also makes it easier to print the top, more specifically support removal is way easier now! 

Currently, I’m printing the updated top, and working on a few more things on the other parts. I’ll continue printing them as the parts get done. 

The launch of Fenrir is getting closer and closer! 😀 

I would like to thank you all for the support! 

Thomas the MakerViking