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Wallfinity 1.1 STL’s

Wallfinity 1.1 draws its inspiration from the ingenious “assortment system” pioneered by Alexandre Chappel and the innovative Gridfinity created by Zack Freedman. It seamlessly integrates with Gridfinity containers and accessories, offering a harmonious fusion of both systems. Essentially, it serves as a hybrid between Gridfinity and a novel wall organization solution.

This initial release comprises over 30 meticulously crafted models, each meticulously designed to enhance your organizational endeavors. But fret not, as this is just the beginning. I’m continually working on expanding the Wallfinity lineup, promising an array of new models in the near future.

At its core, Wallfinity amalgamates the versatility of the Gridfinity grid with the practicality of a wall-mount design, further enriched by a specially designed wall hex grid that I’m currently developing compatible accessories for. Keep an eye out for the forthcoming releases, as Wallfinity aims to revolutionize your space organization with its innovative approach.

Download the ZIP of all Wallfinity base files below: