Fenrir update, mainboard relocation etc.

Hi everyone! 

I’ve been working on moving the mainboard to make it easier accessible and to use the available space in the back. The mainboard used to be in the bottom electronics compartment, but now it’s available behind the back lid, which is way easier to remove than the bottom lid with the feet, etc. 

Check out the images for more details. 

I’ve also done some small detail work here and there. 

The project is moving along decently but I’ve seen new stuff I want to improve all the time. Now, however, I think the next step will be to continue printing the ABS parts and hopefully not see anything else I want or need to change after that, so I can get the prototype done. 

I’m so eager to get it ready and printing, so it can be released to the world!

Thanks for your continued support, it’s highly appreciated. 

Some updated renders of Fenrir after splitting up the parts

Hi all, 

I’ve been working on splitting up the parts a bit to make them easier to print and with fewer supports. I’m almost done with that and here are some renders. Each main section has been split in two, with the smaller of the two parts for each section in the back. It makes it easier to play more with colors and contrast colors, which could be fun. 

The next step now, is to finish the service on the printer I’m printing the ABS parts on, and print these new parts. More updates to come soon, and I’ll probably finish up the design on some of the smaller projects while these parts are printing, like the Unraid server case, etc. 

Thanks for the continued support!

Thomas the MakerViking

Ps. I guess you’ve seen this, but all Patrons on Jarl, King, and Queen tiers will get some extra goodies after being a patron for 3 months, starting from the join date for new Patrons or from October 1st for existing Patrons. 

Fenrir updates and more!

Just a quick little post about the Fenrir CoreXY. I’ve been working on the design and printed more parts for it, and I’ve come to the decision to split the largest parts up a bit, to make them easier to print, so that’s what I’m currently working on.

I’m also working on a couple of other projects, both smaller Patreon projects like electronics cases for some BTT boards for larger printers like CR10, S8+, and similar, A Unraid server case, etc. which you can see a preliminary render of below: 

Fenrir updates and more! 1

More updates to come soon! 

Thanks everyone! 🙂 

Small updates to the Fenrir 3D printer hotend assembly

Hi everyone!

Some updates to the hotend assembly.
I’ve integrated the cable chain into the top part of the assembly and made slits to slide the black part into the orange part of the mount, and then a grub screw to secure everything, which should make it easy to service the hotend. 

Other than that I will continue to print the Fenrir prototype parts, and try to get it done as quickly as possible, I really want to get it done so you guys can start building it.


Fenrir has a new hotend assembly

Hi everyone! 

I hope you all are doing well. 

Sorry for the long time since the last update, I haven’t been home much the last month or two, so I haven’t had much opportunity to work on projects. I’m now finishing up the new E3D Revo Micro hotend assembly for Fenrir and will continue building the prototype asap. I can’t wait to finish it up, and then see it built around the world! 

Check out the renders of the new Revo Hotend assembly, I hope you like it. 

Thomas aka MakerViking

Fenrir CoreXY update!

Hi all! 

This month most of my time has gone to working on Fenrir.

I got the components I needed from LDO and I’ve been focusing on tweaking the design to the specific components, printing prototype parts, and editing as needed to make things easier to print, more rigid, tweaking etc. 

I’ve also made a fan bracket with ducts to the Nema14 A and B motors, to avoid any heat issues that might arise, this fan bracket actually also makes it easier to print the top, more specifically support removal is way easier now! 

Currently, I’m printing the updated top, and working on a few more things on the other parts. I’ll continue printing them as the parts get done. 

The launch of Fenrir is getting closer and closer! 😀 

I would like to thank you all for the support! 

Thomas the MakerViking