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The printer

Ymir CoreXY - Corner view
  • The Ymir CrossXY 3D printer

Ymir (From Norse mythology, since I am a Viking) will have a 650mmx650mmx700mm build area and will be able to print huge prints (about 2 to 3 times larger than most 3D printers).

The printer 1
Other specs.: (Might change)
  • CrossXY movement system
  • MGN12 rails for both XY and Z (6 in total)
  • 9mm belts and pulleys
  • Phaetus Rapido
  • Orbiter 2.0
  • Mellow CDY V3 board
  • 7" Screen
  • TH3D EZABL Pro probe
  • Frame will be 2040 extrusions (I'm considering going to 4040 in the corners to make it even more rigid)
  • Side panels, front and back panels to make it look better and be even sturdier
  • Fast and accurate probing of the bed
  • 3 point automatic leveling of the bed
I hope to be able to include these:
  •  Infinity Mirror with Neopixels
  • Acrylic top
Ymir CoreXY - Corner view

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Small updates to the Fenrir 3D printer hotend assembly (Open to read for everyone)

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The printer 2


The printer 3

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The printer 4

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