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The best upgrades for Creality Ender 3

The Best Upgrades for Creality Ender 3

The Creality Ender 3 came as a shock to the 3d printing community, and the reason is this: For a sub $200 3D printer it's shockingly impressive!
But as we know, it's possible to improve on everything.
Check out our list of the 20 best Creality Ender 3 upgrades and modifications to make the excellent 3D printer even better.

There are lots of cool upgrades and mods for the Creality Ender 3, that can improve this printer. Eventhough it hasn't been out for that long, there's lots of designs you can print on Thingiverse for instance, or you could buy cheap upgrades online, from our favourites Amazon or Aliexpress for instance. 

We've divided this article into two sections: The best Creality Ender 3 upgrades you can buy, and upgrades to print.

We'll add to this list as more upgrades show up in the market. Have we missed anything good? Comment below, and we'll have a look. 🙂 

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