Phaetus Dragonfly BMS mount for MGN12 mounted on 2020 extrusion

I made this for my Twotrees Sapphire S CoreXY a while back, but I’ve now modified it to fit on an MGN12 linear rail, mounted on 2020 extrusion. 

The Dragonfly BMS mounts to the carriage, and all the fans are mounted on their own bracket that slots into place on the carriage. It makes for quick access to the hotend, with no removal of screws.  

It has two 5mm LED’s integrated on the backside, to light up the area around the nozzle. 

The fans used are a 4010 for the hotend cooling and 4010 Blower fans for the parts cooling. 

I will release both the 2020 version and Twotrees Sapphire S version to my Patrons in a few days.