Fenrir update, mainboard relocation etc.

Hi everyone! 

I’ve been working on moving the mainboard to make it easier accessible and to use the available space in the back. The mainboard used to be in the bottom electronics compartment, but now it’s available behind the back lid, which is way easier to remove than the bottom lid with the feet, etc. 

Check out the images for more details. 

I’ve also done some small detail work here and there. 

The project is moving along decently but I’ve seen new stuff I want to improve all the time. Now, however, I think the next step will be to continue printing the ABS parts and hopefully not see anything else I want or need to change after that, so I can get the prototype done. 

I’m so eager to get it ready and printing, so it can be released to the world!

Thanks for your continued support, it’s highly appreciated.